About Us

Brian and Mom

A local family run business in Buffalo NY.

My son, Brian, was diagnosed with Celiac Diseases in 1999, just 3 weeks into kindergarten. Back then (1999), Celiac Disease was essentially unknown and packaged gluten free bread was dry, tasteless and unappealing. 

So, I embarked on a journey to create bread that:

  • Doesn’t fall apart
  • Has a soft and chewy crumb
  • Tastes and feels like real bread
  • Is wholesome and nutritious
  • Doesn’t have a funky aftertaste or gritty feel
  • Doesn’t require toasting to taste good
  • Everyone enjoys so sharing is fun

After years of trying and hundreds of abysmal failures, I finally figured what it took to make bread even our finicky 5-year would love.

"We hope you’ll love it too!" 

- Tina Syracuse (Brian's Mom)